From the Editor,

The “Eurasian Heartland” is quickly getting back the strategic, cultural and economic importance it held for millennia. EURAS was born as a far-sighted project aimed at establishing a permanent, friendly and fruitful cooperation among universities and institutions of the European and Asian sides of the Eurasian continent. And now, in the difficult and delicate phase entire World is experiencing, EURAS Executive Board has decided to issue three scientific journals. EURAS Journal of Social Sciences (EJOSS) is one of them.

EJOSS’ mission is observing and reporting the developments occurring in the societies and economies of Eurasia. Our purpose is to provide serious, updated and interesting information out of stereotypes. EJOSS will be an open space where scientifically grounded and as much as possible politically, nationally and culturally unbiased contributes are welcomed.

We enjoy the support of highly-qualified scholars from Italy to Philippines, who are either included in the scientific and editorial boards and in the honor committee or are ready to help us as referees.

Reading must be a pleasant way to spend time. Therefore we care for the aesthetics of our journal and, in full respect of scientific strictness, urge our contributors to submit articles written in a plain and agreeable style.

EJOSS will include a section on EURAS life. Despite pandemic, EURAS has not stopped its activities. We hope to give account of an increasing number of events and common tasks. Thanks a lot to the brave hearts who have founded and are managing EURAS and this Journal!

Prof. Fabio L. Grassi
EJOSS Editor